'With its characters' old-fashioned names and close focus, it’s a novella that is very British, and strangely redolent of 1950s thrillers with actors like Stanley Baker and Laurence Harvey.

Terra Damnata marks an important step in Cooper’s career; it is a novella from PS Publishing rather than a full-length novel, but it will hopefully lead to progressively longer works, and with a gorgeously macabre cover by Les Edwards, it is a fine book in its own right.'

- Colin Harvey

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'The plot leads [Arthur] to an unlikely moment of catharsis, when Arthur can assert himself and take back control of his life, his ultimate acceptance of what has happened underlined by the ambiguity of the ending. This is an excellent work from a writer who is emerging as one of the most talented on the UK horror scene.'

- Peter Tennant, Black Static 23

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'Sombre and oppressive, Terra Damnata is exquisitely written and, despite Edward Miller’s gleefully ghoulish cover, is concerned not with supernatural chills but the horror perpetrated by men. My only complaint is that it was just too damned short. The story, at times reminiscent of a 1950s thriller, could have easily been expanded without losing the doom-laden atmosphere... Of course, this could be just because this reviewer was so enjoying Cooper’s taut, considered prose that he didn’t want it to come to an end.'

- Cavan Scott, British Fantasy Society review.

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