Strange Fruit is an excellent story with the usual psychological depth you can expect from Cooper’s work, tempered with empathetic insight that can make for rather uncomfortable reading. The prose is almost poetry, with some beautiful imagery and a clarity of expression other writers will envy. Add to all of this a wonderfully fleshed-out narrator and horrors that are all too real for the world we live in and you have a heartbreakingly good story, sour and yet sweet in the way only strange fruit can be.”

−Ray Cluley, author of Beachcombing


“Cooper has created a strange, brooding story that plays against all the stereotypes, even down to the use of fruit, and especially the apple Ellie brings for Gregory at the end, as a means of temptation. Beautifully written and fraught with meaning, heartfelt and affecting, it is perhaps his best work to date and I thoroughly enjoyed every word of a text that will almost certainly reward further readings.”

−Peter Tennant, Black Static #43


“It is no exaggeration to say that I was bowled over by James Cooper’s Strange Fruit. It reminded me − and I don’t say this lightly – of the early Jim Crace, shot through with the kind of moral ambiguity one finds in the shorter fiction of Steven Millhauser. Spare, lyrical, and peopled with complex, believable characters whose struggles resonate long after the last page is turned; Strange Fruit proves once again that James Cooper is one of those rare hybrids of dark fiction − an accomplished artist who also happens to be a great storyteller. Life is indeed a basket of strange fruit...”

−Andrew Jury, author of Dear Marilyn