June 6, 2022

Stephen Bacon has written a brilliant - and very thorough - review of Scar Tissue on his website HERE. Well worth a read! Here's a taster: "It works as both a superb example of the author’s fiction output and also as a catalogue of insightful essays about some of horror fiction’s strongest exponents . . .  the book stands or falls by its stories, and it’s here where Scar Tissue wins; they’re all diverse, expertly written and infinitely entertaining. This book comes highly recommended."

Booklist have also wrritten a favourable review of The Man in the Field which you can read HERE. Again, here's a taster: "Readers who like cult figures in horror will enjoy seeing Father Lynch do his best to control the entire town and stick to rituals no matter what the cost. Like other folk horror that centers on appeasing old gods, The Man in the Field is a tribute to the works of Shirley Jackson. Fans of the literary spectrum of horror will enjoy this tale of small-town terror, reminiscent of the early works of Laird Barron and John Langan."

May 23, 2022

As part of the ChillerCon launch of my new PS Publishing collection, Scar Tissue, I'll be giving a reading at 2.00pm this Saturday (28th May) in the Wellington Lounge of the Royal Hotel in Scarborough.

I hope to see a whole bunch of you there—old friends, of course, but hopefully those of you I’ve never met before, too—for a friendly chat about things that go bump in the night . . . 

I’ll also be giving away an exclusive signed, limited edition 50 page novella, entitled HERE'S JOHNNY!, to the first 12 people through the door! I’ll provide more details on this fantastic freebie in the next day or two . . .

Catch you in the bar!

March 19, 2022



More details on both these titles coming very soon . . . 

March 5, 2022

THE MAN IN THE FIELD has now been officially announced by CEMETERY DANCE and will be hitting bookstores in June 2022. Hurrah! Ben Baldwin has done a quite astonishing job with the cover art and the creative team at CD have produced a wraparound cover that looks absolutely spectacular. Stay plugged in here and at Cemetery Dance for more information on the book as we get closer to the publication date . . .

February 17, 2022

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted here! How remiss of me. The good news is I've still been extremely busy writing and currently have two books due out this year. Hurrah! Look out for more information on this very site about my latest big collection, SCAR TISSUE, due from PS Publishing in the next few months. This will be followed by my long novella, THE MAN IN THE FIELD, which will be published by the fine people at Cemetery Dance in June. The cover art for both books is already in and both look quite sensational. More on this very soon . . .

I've also been writing a number of new stories and novellas, as well as making steady progress with my epic new novel. As soon as there's anything interesting to post about these and other projects in the pipeline, you'll hear it officially here first!

February 2, 2021

Thrilled to announce that my original short novel, The Fade, is now available from AMAZON and all other good book stores as of today. It's published by Cemetery Dance and is about 200 pages long.

It's available in both eBook and paperback formats. Buying both editions makes perfect sense to me, so add them to your basket and let me know what you think of the book by dropping me a line or posting a review on Amazon.

In other news, I can report that, after many busy nights and weekends, I'm already 100 pages into the first draft of my new novel, The Chase. It promises to be a very long, very bonkers ride into strange new territory...

December 16, 2020

Apologies for being missing in action for a year. I really am terrible at updating this site and promise to be more attentive in 2021!

On a positive note, I've spent much of my time in Covidland furiously writing and developing a number of key projects. Chief among them is a labour of love that has already found a home. Much more on this later in the year. I promise that it's worth the wait...

Upcoming - and hopefully very soon - will be THE FADE from CEMETERY DANCE. This will hit the shelves by the end of the year or soon after. I'll post more info nearer the time. Those of you who enjoyed my stories 'The Other Son' and 'There's Something Wrong With Pappy' will take great pleasure in revisiting a familiar landscape...

And finally: a new novel. With a working title of either THE CHASE or SOLOMON'S CHASE, I'm hoping to chip away at this over the next few years with a view to producing a sprawling horror novel on an epic canvas, much like many of the novels I grew up reading in the 70s and 80s. I work slowly, though, folks, so don't be holding your breath on this one. Good news is, it's underway and the first 40 pages of the first draft have been written. Wish me luck...

December 3, 2019

I'm delighted to report that I've recently signed a contract with CEMETERY DANCE, who will be publishing my novel LITTLE BOY in 2020/21. They did a superb job with HEAD SPACE & OTHER UNCOMFORTABLE SURROUNDINGS and I anticipate them doing likewise with LITTLE BOY. More on this in the coming months...

HEAD SPACE is now officially sold out at the publisher, but can currently be purchased HERE. This leather-bound volume is a real collector's item and I strongly advise you to buy a copy while you still can.

As for recently completed projects, my novella THE MAN IN THE FIELD rolled in at 32,000 words and is in the process of being edited. I'm also currently writing more stories for my project SCAR TISSUE and hope to have more information for you on upcoming publications very soon...

NB. PS Publishing have a few copies left of my short story collection HUMAN PIECES, which they're selling off at just £5 for the signed hardback. An amazing deal. You can pick your copy up HERE, while stocks last!

May 4, 2019

Can't believe how long it's been since I last posted here. Apologies for that. Still writing, though, and have completed manuscripts of a novel entitled 'Little Boy', a novella entitled 'Ordinary Day' and a handful of stories for an all-original collection entitled 'Scar Tissue', which I'm very excited about, but will take some time to complete. I've also written 10,000 words of a novella entitled 'The Third Order', which will be completed in due course, and am currently writing a novella entitled 'The Man in the Field', which stands at 12,000 words. 

June of this year should see the publication from Cemetery Dance of my collection 'Head Space & Other Uncomfortable Surroundings', a stunning leather-bound edition that I urge any serious collector to invest in. It's the third book of CD's Graveyard Editions, following on from Bentley Little and the hugely talented Greg F. Gifune. More on this upon publication...

September 11, 2017

Pleased to announce that, just before the summer, I completed the manuscript of my new novel LITTLE BOY, which rolled in at 84,000 words. Hopefully, more on this another time.

I'm currently working on a new novella entitled THE THIRD ORDER, which is something of a departure for me...

I can also report that I've just completed a final polish of my novella COUNTRY DARK for Andy Cox at TTA, which should finally see publication later this year or early next. I'll post more as and when I hear... 

October 10, 2016

Today sees the release of my new eBook from CEMETERY DANCE, HEAD SPACE & OTHER UNCOMFORTABLE SURROUNDINGS. It draws together the very best stories from my first two collections, which are now out of print. Those readers who may have missed them the first time round can now buy the new collection for just £2.30 from AMAZON. Cheaper than a pint of beer and twice as scary! The collection also contains a brand new 9,000 word story entitled BUTTERFLY, which is a personal favourite of mine.

For those interested in other developments, I can report that I'm now 40,000 words into my novel LITTLE BOY.

February 20, 2016


Several items to announce. First up, I'm delighted that my short novel THE FADE will be published as an eBook by CEMETERY DANCE. Publication date has yet to be confirmed, but I'm hoping for a release early in the new year. Needless to say, I'm thrilled to be continuing my relationship with America's leading independent publisher. At this stage, it is unlikely that THE FADE will have a print run, but I'll keep you posted should this situation change.


CEMETERY DANCE will also be publishing the eBook of my collected short stories, HEAD SPACE & OTHER UNCOMFORTABLE SURROUNDINGS, in March 2016. As well as collecting the best stories from my first two collections, it will also contain a brand new tale entitled BUTTERFLY, which runs to just over 9,000 words.


Finally, I'd like to draw your attention to the eBook release of my new PS PUBLISHING colIection, HUMAN PIECES. It's available now from AMAZON for only £4.13! What are you waiting for? Go and order it right now!


September 26, 2015


New-look website to coincide with the imminent release of my huge new short story collection HUMAN PIECES, published by PS PUBLISHING. For more information, visit the HUMAN PIECES page on this website HERE.


June 6, 2015


Much to report, only some of which I have the green light to announce...


I've just completed work on a new novella, entitled THE RIVER REMEMBERS. It's 13,000 words long and represents the final tale to be written for my huge upcoming PS PUBLISHING collection, HUMAN PIECES, due to be published towards the end of this year.


I've also renamed my CEMETERY DANCE eBook collected stories volume, which is now entitled HEAD SPACE & OTHER UNCOMFORTABLE SURROUNDINGS. I received the cover art for this last week and it's terrific. Look for the eBook in the early months of 2016, containing the previously unpublished story, BUTTERFLY.


April 14, 2015


Just sent the finished manuscript of ALL THINGS MUST PASS to Norman Prentiss over at Cemetery Dance. The eBook will be released later this year and will feature a previously unpublished 9000 word story entitled BUTTERFLY. The collection will contain 16 stories and run to about 105,000 words. More details on publication date and cover art to follow soon...


January 26, 2015


I'm thrilled to announce that I've recently exchanged contracts with Richard Chizmar at CEMETERY DANCE, who will be producing an eBook of my collected stories in 2015 entitled ALL THINGS MUST PASS. The eBook will contain the very best stories from my first two collections, as well as (hopefully) an unpublished original tale that I've yet to write. Exciting times...


Update on LITTLE BOY: I'm just about to hit the 20,000 word mark. Slow going, but the results so far have been very pleasing. More on this as the year unfolds...


November 18, 2014


There is an extensive interview by Pete Tennant, along with detailed reviews of DARK FATHER and STRANGE FRUIT, in issue 43 of BLACK STATIC.


The best way to read it is to subsribe HERE.


June 2, 2014


Just completed my new novella, END OF CREATION. It rolled in at 19,500 words long, and the provisional plan is for it to be an original story in my new collection, HUMAN PIECES, due from PS Publishing in 2015...

Tomorrow, June 3rd, is also the publication date of my novel, DARK FATHER, which has already been receiving some excellent reviews.

Next project: a new novel, provisionally entitled LITTLE BOY.


May 19, 2014


There's another new interview and author profile HERE.


April 28, 2014


You can check out a new interview HERE.


March 7, 2014


My new novella, STRANGE FRUIT, is now available for pre-order direct from PS PUBLISHING. You can find more information about the book HERE. I always think it's a little inappropriate for a writer to comment on his or her own work, so I shall simply state that STRANGE FRUIT remains the work I'm most proud of to date. Why not treat yourself to a copy and see if you agree...?


January 28, 2014


Just completed work on my new story, TEXAS. It finally settled at 8,300 words. Also thrilled to announce that I've sold it to the best independent publisher in town, PS PUBLISHING, and the story will appear in a future issue of their flagship anthology, POSTSCRIPTS.


Also: been checking the final galley proof of my novella STRANGE FRUIT, which is due from PS PUBLISHING in the very near future. More on this in the coming days and weeks...


November 6, 2013


Zach McCain's stunning artwork for my DarkFuse novel, DARK FATHER, can now be seen on this site HERE and over at the DARKFUSE site. The artwork captures the essence of the book superbly. To say I'm delighted would be an understatement...


November 4, 2013


Finally completed work on my short novel THE FADE. It drifted in at 55,300 words in length, which should convert to just over 200 pages in printed book form.


For the interested few, it's an extension of many of the narrative threads begun in my stories 'The Other Son' and 'There's Something Wrong With Pappy'. If you enjoyed those stories and were as unsettled by some of the characters as I was, then this tale is definitely for you...


Next project: a short story entitled TEXAS.


September 10, 2013


ust signed a contract with mass market US publisher DARKFUSE to publish my novel DARK FATHER (formerly SMILE) in June, 2014. It will be released as an eBook ($5.99), paperback ($16.99) and limited hardcover ($75). You can read the blurb HERE, with artwork to follow shortly.


Needless to say, I'm thrilled to be part of the DarkFuse roster of writers and hope DARK FATHER is well received by readers when it's finally released...


August 23, 2013


Big news forthcoming about my novel SMILE, complete with a new title. All will be revealed in the next few days, once the details have been ironed out. Stay tuned...


July 10, 2013


Just completed a short story that will feature as an original in my next collection, HUMAN PIECES. It's something of a curiosity, but I'm already growing quite fond of it... It's entitled COFFEE. BLACK. and is 3,200 words long.


June 17, 2013


Pleased to report that STRAY DOGS will be translated into French for a 2014 appearance in the anthology TENEBRES from DREAMPRESS.

The limited print run of STRAY DOGS also proved successful and is now officially sold out. Many thanks to those who bought a copy.


Current Project: THE FADE (34,000 words and counting...)



May 29, 2013



Something of an experiment... I?ve had printed TEN copies of my story STRAY DOGS, which first appeared in Black Static #32. Each copy is numbered and signed and runs to 30 printed pages. The finished product looks terrific, and I?m offering them for sale at £6.00 each, plus £2.00 p&p. There are only 10 copies available and no more will be printed in this format again.

If you're interested in ordering a copy, please email me at '

Should the experiment prove successful, I may well consider producing 10 copy runs of one or two other titles in the near future...

To view the cover art and a photo of the finished product, click HERE

February 5, 2013


Click HERE for a stunning teaser of my story STRAY DOGS, which is due to appear in the March issue of BLACK STATIC. The beautifully evocative artwork is by the talented VINCENT SAMMY.


January 6, 2013


Just begun work on a new short novel entitled THE FADE. This should keep me busy for the first few months of 2013.


December 11, 2012


My story STRAY DOGS has been accepted by TTA Press and will appear in an upcoming issue of BLACK STATIC. I'm absolutely thrilled. Editor, Andy Cox, described the tale as 'breathtaking. One of the very best stories I've read all year'.


December 10, 2012


Delighted to report that I've just completed a short story entitled S.K. (4,550 words) and sold it to Pete Crowther at PS Publishing. It will be published in their flagship anthology Postscripts next year.


December 4, 2012


STRAY DOGS has drifted in at 10,200 words in length.


Next up: TEXAS


September 28, 2012


Just started work on a new story entitled STRAY DOGS.


August 17, 2012


Teaser HERE for the next issue of BLACK STATIC magazine, featuring my story THE PIG FARM. The wonderfully evocative artwork is by Rich Sampson.


August 3, 2012


Just heard word from Pete Crowther over at PS Publishing that they'd like to take FOREVER BOYS for their flagship anthology, POSTSCRIPTS. I think it's possibly my fastest acceptance ever at just over six hours! Suffice to say, I'm absolutely thrilled.


Pete's fellow editor, Nick Gevers, offered these extremely generous comments: "Another winner from James...I always enjoy his stories; there's an essential fluency and authenticity to them, a well-disciplined imagination, an acute psychological insight..."


August 3, 2012


Just completed work on my long tale FOREVER BOYS, an homage to the late Ray Bradbury, whose work I have read and admired for many years. Final word count: 10,500.


July 5, 2012


Thrilled to report that my novella COUNTRY DARK has been accepted for the TTA NOVELLA SERIES. The line-up is exceptional (my humble offering aside) and includes work by Mike O'Driscoll, Nina Allan, Carole Johnstone and Simon Avery. COUNTRY DARK will be the fifth in the line-up; I'll be sure to post more news as it comes in.


You can currently subscribe to all five novellas for a remarkable £25, which includes p&p to anywhere in the world. If you're reading this and still have no interest in subscribing, you should log off immediately and go bury your head in the sand...




June 10, 2012


Delighted to have placed both THE PIG FARM and TWO HOUSES AWAY with TTA Press. Both stories will appear in future issues of BLACK STATIC magazine. Do yourself a favour and subscribe HERE.


Editor, Andy Cox, wrote the following of THE PIG FARM: "I think it's brilliant, another truly great story".

Of TWO HOUSES AWAY, he wrote: "There are very few who can write as well as this. Beautifully done, riveting and terrifying. Thanks for another exceptionally good story".


Here's hoping the Black Static readers think so, too...


June 7, 2012


Completed work on a new 3,000 word story entitled TWO HOUSES AWAY.


Next project: FOREVER BOYS.


May 27, 2012


Just completed work on my new short story, THE PIG FARM. It's rolled in at 7,900 words, and is a companion piece, at least thematically, to THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH PAPPY.


May 8, 2012


My novella TERRA DAMNATA has been shortlisted for a BFS award. I'm in great company, too. Visit the BFS site for more information and keep your fingers crossed for me...


May 7, 2012


My story THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH PAPPY can now be downloaded as a chilling podcast from the TALES TO TERRIFY web site. The story is evocatively narrated by Neal Corbett. Visit the site and check it out now...


April 23, 2012


Just completed work on my new novella, COUNTRY DARK. Total word count: 41,500.

It's a coming-of-age tale; a complement to, and an extension of, STRANGE FRUIT.


Next up, a short story entitled THE PIG FARM.


February 20, 2012


My stories 'THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH PAPPY' and 'IN FETU' will soon be appearing as podcasts on the TALES TO TERRIFY website. They'll be in good company; the first few podcasts include tales by Joe R Lansdale, Kim Newman, my old mate and one of the finest of the new breed Gary McMahon, and the staggeringly good Gemma Files. More news on this as the months unfold.


Project update: COUNTRY DARK is fast approaching 20K.


January 9, 2012


Started work today on a new novella entitled COUNTRY DARK.


December 13, 2011


My story BUTTERFLY is now complete. It's 8,800 words long.


Next up: a new novella. Working title: COUNTRY DARK.


December 10, 2011


Delighted to hear word from Andy Cox at TTA Press that NIGHT FISHING will be appearing in the next issue of CRIMEWAVE. Find out more and subscribe HERE.


November 30, 2011


I've just received word that my novella STRANGE FRUIT has sold to PS Publishing. Publication date: 2013.

Also just finished a long story entitled NIGHT FISHING. Word count is 11K. Current project: BUTTERFLY.


November 12, 2011


STRANGE FRUIT has weighed in at just over 22K. Next up, a short story entitled BUTTERFLY.


October 31, 2011


My new novella is now called STRANGE FRUIT and is progressing nicely. Should weigh in at close to 20K. I'm also currently considering a couple of ideas for my next novel, which I aim to start in the new year.


April 10, 2011


Visit the new page devoted to all things TERRA DAMNATA here. The book is now in stock and available direct from the PS Publishing webstore.


April 9, 2011


I'm thrilled to announce that my story 'EIGHT SMALL MEN' is currently being translated into French and will appear in the Tenebres 2012 anthology next year, published by DREAMPRESS.


February 28, 2011


Delighted to announce to the interested few that I've sold my long story, MAN'S RUIN, to Pete Crowther at the wonderful PS PUBLISHING. It will appear in a future issue of POSTSCRIPTS, to which you can subscribe right HERE.


February 25, 2011


Couple of things to report. Firstly, a fairly protracted period of illness during and immediately after Christmas has thankfully passed and I've emerged relatively unscathed. Secondly, I've managed to finish my lengthy story, MAN'S RUIN, which has crashed in at just over 10,000 words.

In addition to this, I've just received the signature sheets for my PS Publishing novella, TERRA DAMNATA, which should be with us some time in March/April.


You can also subscribe to the excellent BLACK STATIC magazine, which currently features my story CUSHING, accompanied by evocative artwork by Ben Baldwin.